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The Russian women are appeared not to have enough sex - News of the World

About The Russian women are appeared not to have enough sex

Previous Entry The Russian women are appeared not to have enough sex Oct. 4th, 2009 @ 09:20 pm
Russian sexy bride

According to OBS over half of the Russian women are looking for sexual contacts in other countries. The Russian men do not satisfy them anymore, and they do not have another choice but seek help from foreigners.

Every Russian woman naturally has such attractive features as beauty and charm, tenderness and patience, full comprehension of her man and warm and kind relationships with him. The whole world knows about it. It makes Russian women to be desired in every country. Many men of different countries appreciate so much this fact.

The Russians are the emotional and passionate people. The Russian women even look for more emotionality and more passion. The passion for them is a tangible ancient instinct, limitless and endless. The passion overrides and blinds. The passion searches for an outlet. The passion is hidden in the big cities and small towns. The passion appears in gestures and movements of woman, her step and gait, as well as in her eyes.

The new feeling may come anytime, otherwise, what water washes her hands for, what the wind blows her hair for? The new feeling should be unbelievable and unforgettable, otherwise, what shapely figure and open eyes for? The new feeling should be as stunning as a thunder and as bright as thousand bulbs of the hotels and restaurants in the night. The new feeling can be found anywhere. Do not delay the search of the new feeling for tomorrow. You do not know, probably, tomorrow you will not have a chance to drink a wine glass filled today. Time is running out as a wild horse, and you have to catch it.

What can be better than an overseas stranger with a bouquet of unknown aromas? What can be stronger than a premonition of the passion not responded yet in unknown and mysterious distant lands? Are these countries hot? Cold? Are there the boundless seas? Is water there as rarity as the October sun in our land? It is not important at all! The most important is that this guest will be absolutely different, comparing to known and familiar.

The Russian women like exactly mysteriousness and rarity of the first dates with foreigners. According to OBS about 75 percent of Russian women look for acquaintances of foreign men, expecting special and peculiar relationships. They are waiting for a new feeling, brighter than experienced before. They always keep their eyes widely open not to miss a guest, and their home’s doors are open to let him inside.

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